About Us

Casuals Warehouse Clothing - Selling high end, Pre loved designer clothing.


Casuals Warehouse was founded on Instagram in Febuary 2016 as a social page for people to enjoy looking at other people's designer clothing and outfits. Since then the page has grown and with a following of over 100,000 people has become one of the leading pages on Instagram of its kind.

Overtime as a page we ended up sourcing items for a variety of followers and becoming popular for verification for followers buying pre-loved items. The more and more we saw people getting ripped off for fakes or overcharged the more we thought about trying to help out, so Casuals Warehouse Clothing was born. 

Why Choose Us ?

We personally hand pick, Verify, clean and check all the items we list. We write honest descriptions and list at fair prices so you guy's get the best value for your money and a high quality garment. Since we began through instagram and a few other outlets we have re homed over 2000+ items to happy homes with an absolute mountain of postive feedback.

To put it simply, If we wouldn't wear it, We won't list it.